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Our friendly staff is here to help you with all your mortgage needs. We will use our expertise to find the right program for you.Give us a call at 515-382-2191.

As part of the Safe Act, all mortgage lenders must be registered. Registration allows you,
as a consumer, to verify that a lender is reputable by looking up their Nationwide Mortgage
Licensing System (NMLS) number through a government website,

State Bank & Trust Co    Bank ID: 446083
Dan Johnson    ID Number: 489326
Ray Schwichtenberg ID Number: 511131
Adam Egeland    ID Number: 804271
Kris Stoeffler    ID Number: 489327
Lisa Oxley    ID Number: 803113
Cheryl Braggs    ID Number: 1054194
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State Bank & Trust Co. NMLS #804271
1025 6th St., Nevada, IA  50201
Office:  (515) 382-2191
Direct:  (515) 215-1195
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